Title: ジブリミックス

Catalog Number: AKCD-0007

Release Date: 2011/12/31

Cost: $18 SHIPPED WORLDWIDE – Preorder now!

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Allkore is back once again to bring you a CD filled with hardcore remixes of some of your favorite familiar tunes!  The focus this time around is music and themes from movies by the ever-popular Studio Ghibli.  Featuring big names from Japan and around the world, and designed to resemble a movie complete with DVD packaging, this is sure to be one of our coolest releases yet!

1 Helblinde+Melancholia – Leatherman’s Flying Dungeon

2 DJ Mashiro – My Neighbor Totoro

3 DJ Clonepa – Koriko

4 LOLIPO – NoisE Delivery ServicE

5 Rex Buron – Sanpo (Declining Remix)

6 Hujiko Pro – Shiosai

7 DJ DISITE – My Way Home

8 OZIGIRI – 1000 Summer Days

9 3R2 – Merry-Go-Round of Life

10 ExiA – Devil’s Contract

11 GHDA – New Color